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Whoopie Pie History

Origins of Traditional Maine Dessert Cake

Maine Whoopie PiesWhat are Whoopie Pies, anyways?

If you grew up outside of Maine, you may be unfamiliar with the delight of a Whoopie Pie. These delicious "pies" are really two sides of a mini chocolate cake pressed together with a cream filling -- traditionally vanilla cream, but we've added our inspired variations to the original. Even better, our commitment to fine ingredients makes these the moistest, most tasty Whoopie Pies you'll ever eat. We use only fresh homemade butter from Maine, rather than vegetable shortening or margarine. We think you'll agree that our Whoopies are a notch above the rest. Compact, portable, and packed with delight, our tasty pies are sure to make you shout "Whoopie!"

Who named this scrumptious cake a whoopie pie anyways?

Karen's mother told her the story this way: During the Depression, a woman in Bangor, Maine was making a cake and had some leftover batter. Gourmet Whoopie PiesTraditionally, Mainers are known for being frugal and very resourceful, so she plopped the extra batter on a cookie sheet. When these were done baking, she filled them with frosting and shouted, "Whoopie, it worked!"

Regardless of how whoopie pies actually originated, the important thing is that Mainers grew up with them and consider them an essential "simple pleasure." Our Whoopie Pies are made with ingredients far superior to other commercial bakeries, with absolutely no vegetable shortening and eggs from happy chickens! The result is a better tasting, moister pie, with whimsical and charming seaside shapes to boot.

Homemade Whoopie PiesWhether you want peppermint whoopie pies, Mexican pies, or whoopie pies seasoned with dark rum, cointreau or espresso, we have a delicious Maine treat to suit your palate. And for that perfect Maine wedding, we have a whoopie pie wedding cake that'll knock your socks off!

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