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MEDIA MARTHA: These are the best Whoopie Pies I've ever tasted! -Martha Stewart. Click here for more info. Everyday Food Magazine
WE WON our THROWDOWN with BOBBY FLAY! Click here for more info. Coastal Living WEDDINGS Woman's Day on the TODAY Show: Mail-Order Gift Ideas for Foodies
New York Times: Whoopie! Cookie, Pie or Cake, It's Having Its Moment New York Times: Straight to the Heart for a Classic New York Times: Buttermilk, Often Maligned, Begins to Get Its Due. Click here for more info.
As seen in Dean & Deluca Best Whoopie Pie in Maine according to Down East Magazine 2013 Editor's Choice Food Award from YANKEE Magazine!
TIME Magazine: Eating Local Before It's Too Late Better Homes & Gardens: Better Find - Sweet Treats Brides Magazine
Also seen in: Williams-Sonoma, The Boston Globe, Bangor Daily News, The Portland Press Herald and more.




Random comments from emails and facebook; for additional comments and posts, visit our facebook page!

From Pam in New Sharon, Maine, September 2013

Hi, folks. Just wanted you to know that the edible beach was a huge success at my son's wedding rehearsal dinner on Cape Cod last weekend. Even the restaurant staff were amazed and impressed. The guests were delighted - it was perfect! Thanks so much.

Note inside the cake boxFrom David Goldburg, March 2013

I was about to recycle your now-empty cake box and saw this note you wrote to my daughter. Outstanding. She's a customer for life.

From Like Water for Chocolate, February 2013

SO nice to meet you ladies this weekend! Carol, you were right... the lemon lime is to die for! I know our paths will cross again, I just know it! Big hug from DC!

From Paula Brochu, January 2013:

I popped in to Cranberry Island Kitchen on my way out of Maine. What a delightful treat! The staff was so friendly, and the goodies were heavenly. If you're ever in Portland, Maine, be sure to stop in. You won't regret it.

From Jim Atwood, just before Christmas 2012:

Understand that I do not say this lightly, or with any exaggeration:
I received an assortment of your whoppie pies, and I am positively ASTOUNDED by the taste and quality. They are magical. They are more than the sum of their parts. I don't know how you do it, but keep doing it.

From Jenna Hanks-Bernard, August 2012:

Went to Cranberry Island Kitchen for my yearly binge/ stock up on the best whoopie pies in universe and not only was the owner herself incredibly helpful and friendly BUT she kept the shop open an extra hour for us as we hit really bad traffic coming from out of town. We would have happily paid three times as much, for the product and the service. That is what Maine is all about.

From Nancy Smith, July 2012:

Your Whoopie Pies were some of the best eats in Portland, even better than the abundance of lobster!The hospitality of the young man that helped us was out of the ordinary, he even opened the store early to help us. You have sold these Floridians on Whoopie Pies forever.

From Joyce Avery, March 2012:

So, I just found this little bakery across the street from one of the properties I work at. I tried their Mexican Whoopie Pie. OMG!.. Simply.. perfect!

Our scrumptious Island Buttermilk Cakes were featured in The New York Times!

The New York Times, September12, 2012:

"Ten thousand quarts of Kate's Real Buttermilk go out to stores around the Northeast (including Whole Foods), local restaurants, and bakeries like Cranberry Island Kitchen in Portland, which specializes in buttermilk batter cakes... The bakery's cakes are adapted from a traditional recipe for white, nutmeg scented "island gingerbread" that requires no eggs or butter, but is delicious nonetheless. A Maine classic, from the Cranberry isles on the northern coast, it is not very sweet, making it an ideal breakfast or snack cake, or dessert with some jammy cooked fruit."

To learn why at Cranberry Island Kitchen, we have only ever used Kate's Real Buttermilk in our recipes (and learn why most commercially sold buttermilk isn't real buttermilk), read the rest of this highly informative article.

The New York Times
Island Buttermilk Cakes with Real Buttermilk

We found these great reviews on the web, and wanted to share them:

From I don't like whoopie pies as a rule bc the filling is usually a gross sugar mush with no flavor. I LOVE ck whoopie pies! The cakes have wonderful flavors and the fillings are more like a traditional frosting with actual flavor and texture. Get maple anything.

From SO SO SO SO GOOD. OMG. This was a stop on our Maine Foodie Tours trolley tour. The last stop, and talk about saving the best for last. I had the blueberry whoopie pie and tried a bite of my friend's lemon one. YUM!! And the little whoopie pies are only 200 calories a pop, so not nearly as much guilt as you might expect. Apparently they ship everywhere in the US too. I figure it's only a matter of time before I need to take advantage of that...

From I was visiting friends in Portland and was told that this was THE place to get Whoopee Pies. That is no lie.
In 5 days, I went there 3 times, and one of those times I actually ordered a shipment of whoopee pies to be sent to my boyfriend back home so he could experience the awesome.
The pies are not as big as traditional ones (which are usually about the size of a hamburger) but they are very dense, rich, and delicious to make up for it. I tried the Cointreau, Pumpkin Maple, Chocolate Peppermint, and Chocolate Original, and was blown away by all of them. Nice and moist with lots of delicious filling. Omnomnom.
If you happen to end up in Portland, ME, definitely stop by this place. It may be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

From By the time we arrived they had officially closed and the girl behind the counter was packing up the whoopie pies. Despite this, she let us in, was extremely helpful, and even gave us a few samples.
In the end we picked 6 different whoopie pies to try and they were all delicious. As an avid baker it takes a lot to impress me and I was pleasantly surprised by every flavor we chose. The whoopie pies were moist, flavorful, and had plenty of filling.
If I'm ever again in Maine I will absolutely be back, until then I will have to settle for ordering online.

Throwdown with Bobby FlayWe Won Our Whoopie Pie Throwdown with Bobby Flay!

Enjoy some of the Whoopie Pie whoopin' here:

Reviews from the Wedding Channel online

Reviews from the Wedding Channel online ~ click for actual Reviews.


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